Our Story   

QI Partners was founded in 2010 by Eric Hummel and Robert Zimmerman. Our experiences told us there was better way to implement and manage security and privacy. Our goal was to change the paradigm that security and privacy had to be complex. We recognized that security and privacy expertise and solutions are often overly complex and cost prohibitive for smaller organizations. We also realized that many small and medium size organizations do not have the resources to perform security and privacy activities in the traditional way.

QIP has developed an innovative approach to assisting organizations meet their security and privacy requirements. The HIPAA HITECH Express solution transforms the IT security industry and makes meaningful risk management accessible and affordable to all organizations. Our difference is an accelerated, step-by-step implementation of proven security and privacy processes, documentation and reporting. It is an end-to-end solution that includes everything you need to be compliant and auditable and protect your patients.

QIP’s solutions are not limited to Health IT. We are continuously improving and extending our offerings to cover new markets and innovations. We are extending our methodology to provide cost effective solutions to any organization that needs to build and track security compliance and risk management. We are in the process of developing PCI and FedRAMP methodologies to serve companies in the retail, financial and federal marketplaces.

Our Goals are Simple: To de-mystify Security and Privacy, To Focus on what is Important, and To Reduce your Risk


Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team brings years of experience in information technology implementation, security and privacy, IT auditing, federal requirements and from within the healthcare industry. They have been leaders in system development, security and privacy program implementation, control and process risk management, regulatory analysis, Federal and healthcare compliance review and as auditors in both the public and private sector. Most importantly their focus is on finding the most effective method to serve you, our clients. Each member of our leadership team brings specialized expertise that provides the required background and experience to drive both your and our success:

  • Eric Hummel – Security Privacy Expertise, HHS IT Security Governance and Oversight
  • Robert Zimmerman – IT Development, Audit and Compliance, Deloitte Risk Management Leader
  • Adam Bullian – Healthcare Privacy and Information Exchange Specialist
  • Ty Faulkner – Healthcare Education and Credentialing, ONC and HIMA HIT Instructor
  • Anna Gard – Practicing Clinician, Quality Assurance and Health IT Leader
  • Susan Pretnar – Health IT and Provider Relations, Blue Cross IT and Provider Support
Our leadership team is supported by a broad group of professionals with technology, healthcare, audit, legal and customer support expertise. All of us working together are ready to provide you with a lasting client experience.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is part of our DNA. We understand the importance of cultural diversity, the value in diversity of thought, and we maintain an understanding of the value of people and relationships. This not only holds true for how we treat our team members but also for our partners and clients as well. We strive to assist organizations of all types manage their risk and attain financial and operational success.

Meet Our Partners   

HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS is all about partnership. We work with partner organizations to ensure a local and personal touch that provides the cost effective and timely security and privacy support you need. Partnership with HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS has unique benefits. All our partners bring a ready-made, repeatable security solution to a market that needs it. Our partners provide services using local staff with the support of highly experienced security and privacy professionals from our regional offices. All of our Partners utilize the same HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS solution and methods and always emphasize the importance of working personally with you to attain your goals.

When you use HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS, we Partner together to ensure your Risk Management and Compliance success.

Our current Partners include:

ArginTech – Provides IT and security training as well as information system implementation services to public and private sector healthcare organizations. (argintech.com) Inforistec – Combines audit and control knowledge, information technology experience, and innovative approaches to deliver cost effective healthcare risk management solutions. (inforistec.com)
KeySys Health – Applies industry knowledge and experience to assist healthcare practices to successfully develop effective security and privacy risk management programs. (keysyshealth.com) QED Security – Develops innovative and practical security and privacy solutions based on years of experience and lessons learned in the information technology field. (qedsec.com)
acu ACU is committed to supporting safety net and other smaller providers accurately and safely create, receive, maintain and transmit protected health information. (clinicians.org) BEI provides a full range of IT services to healthcare practices throughout metro Washington D.C. (beinetworks.com)